Why spelling & grammar are important in emails

It's easy to get careless in emails, especially when you're in a hurry, but little mistakes can indicate you're careless in more than just your messages.

Why spelling is important

It should go without saying, but you need to check your spelling before you hit the send button. An incorrectly spelled word can stick out like a bride at a funeral.

It's very easy to overlook spelling and grammar, but some mistakes can be more embarrassing that others. On top of that, it's easy to draw the conclusion that someone who is careless in what they write are equally careless in other parts of their life. If they didn't bother to re-read their email before they hit send, do they check their other work?

Spelling mistakes can also change the meaning of sentences. Sometimes the entire meaning of a sentence can be changed by one misspelled word.

One or two words spelled wrong can be overlooked, but if you make a habit of poor spelling, it will be

There is no quick fix if you are generally bad at spelling, but if your e-mail program has a spell check -
make sure you use it. Just remember that spell checkers don't necessarily check grammar. They, their and they're are all spelled correctly - but they may still be the wrong choice depending on the sentence you're writing.

If your message is really important, get someone else to read it before you send it off. They are more likely to notice something that you missed.