Get your email signature right

Your email signature appears automatically at the bottom of every email you send. It can be a very useful way of providing additional information to people.

Almost all e-mail programs allow you to set up a signature, which will be added to the bottom of
each e-mail you send. Many people fail to take advantage of this feature, and limit themselves to the standard company disclaimer.
Your signature should contain the following information:

Alternative contact details
(e.g. phone, address), in case they want to contact you in another way
When you check your messages (e.g. every weekday at 10am and 4pm), so they know when you are likely to pick up their message
Any important news (e.g. "I'll be out of the office between the 4th and 8th July. Please call Andy on xxxx if you need support during this time)

You can also use your standard closing lines, to save you having to write this out each time (e.g. Kind regards, Joan)

Remember to use formatting techniques, and make the text smaller than the main text of
your e-mail.

Best wishes,

John Smith
A-Team Vigilante Services

Tel: 111-222-3333
Address: Suite 334, BA Studios, California, 90210
E-mail checked Mon-Thurs at 10am, 1pm and 3pm
News: Please note, I'll be moving office on 17th August. New details to follow.

Note: Before putting in place a new signature, you may want to check your company/organization rules on what you can/cannot say. Some are relatively strict.